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SPLIT EAS Anti-Shoplifting Device

Security experts say the most effective anti-shoplifting tools these days are tag-and-alarm systems, better known as electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems. Separately, these are good options. Used together, experts say, they're almost unbeatable. EAS is a technology used to identify articles as they pass through a gated area in a store. This identification is used to alert someone that unauthorized removal of items is being attempted. According to the Association of Automated Identification Manufacturers, over 800,000,000 EAS systems have been installed worldwide, primarily in the retail arena. EAS systems are useful anywhere there is an opportunity for theft of items of any size. Using an EAS system enables the retailer to display popular items on the floor, where they can be seen, rather than putting them in locked cases or behind the counter.

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* 150+ technical expert resource pool

* Dedicated engineering labs for client’s products offering comprehensive security solution for their identity and authentication needs using smart-cards and tokens.

* QA & Testing Labs for data security products using strong encryption methods for protecting data of workstations and enterprise networks

* Expertise in TCP/IP stack, custom stack implementation, other LAN and Cellular Protocols

* Proven expertise on various Linux development and debugging tools like KGDB, gdb, etc.

* Strong capability in networking technologies – UDP, RTP, FTP, SMTP, IPsec, PPTP, ISAKMP, DHCP, PPPoE

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Network & Security

Rich experience on embedded devices, routers, Firewalls, NMS, IPS/IDS and expertise in writing device drivers/kernel modules on various Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Red Hat, OpenWRT etc.)

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Information Security

Experience on data security & integrity, expertise in the field of encryption using File System Filter Driver, Hardware Encryption and Cryptography.

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Robotics & Automation

Proficiency in System Automation & developing real-time monitoring system, as well as, simulation and optimization of robotic operation for improved productivity & efficiency.

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