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Security and system applications

Split Systems is a one-stop shop service provider catering to security and system challenges within enterprises. We offer end-to-end services for security and system applications. Our R&D focus enables our clientele to stay ahead in network & security, information security, and robotics & automation arenas.

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* 150+ technical expert resource pool

* Dedicated engineering labs for client’s products offering comprehensive security solution for their identity and authentication needs using smart-cards and tokens.

* QA & Testing Labs for data security products using strong encryption methods for protecting data of workstations and enterprise networks

* Expertise in TCP/IP stack, custom stack implementation, other LAN and Cellular Protocols

* Proven expertise on various Linux development and debugging tools like KGDB, gdb, etc.

* Strong capability in networking technologies – UDP, RTP, FTP, SMTP, IPsec, PPTP, ISAKMP, DHCP, PPPoE

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Network & Security

Rich experience on embedded devices, routers, Firewalls, NMS, IPS/IDS and expertise in writing device drivers/kernel modules on various Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Red Hat, OpenWRT etc.)

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Information Security

Experience on data security & integrity, expertise in the field of encryption using File System Filter Driver, Hardware Encryption and Cryptography.

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Robotics & Automation

Proficiency in System Automation & developing real-time monitoring system, as well as, simulation and optimization of robotic operation for improved productivity & efficiency.

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