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Your Business Security Gateway

We are top Consultants to Business Security and Smart Acces Control Solution

Automatic Gate Systems

Deployment of Auto Gate and Door for easy Access and avoids the inconviniences caused my the service of Maidguard

We intervene in all forms of Disaster Situation either human or technological induced error. Contact us as a matter of Urgency.

Disaster Recovery

We intervene in all forms of Disaster Situation either human or technological induced error. Contact us as a matter of Urgency.

Application Development and Hosting

We are techies of Web and mobile application developer, We Digitize and Brands your business with our Business management softwares.

ELEVATOR and pully Systems

We supply and install Elevator and Pully System including Servicing and Retainership handled by Team of Experts full of Experience

Technology Support

What We Do

Disaster Recovery

Will you cope if disaster strikes? How would you cope if your systems were down for a minute, an hour or a day? Every business has different needs and we can...Read More

IT Outsourcing

Our suite of IT support solutions are delivered by a team of expert staff, making sure our clients’ IT infrastructures perform to their maximum and support their business strategy.Read More

Application Development

Application Designing for mobile devices, tablets, and web has tremendously influenced brands by assisting them to set foot on the track of an unstoppable growth.Read More

Managed Security Solutions

SPLIT provides world-class managed security solutions that address today's Corporate, cyber and Domestic security threats.Read More

Enterprise Security Architecture

Enterprise information security architecture (EISA) is the practice of applying a comprehensive and rigorous method for describing a current and/or future structure and behavior for an organization's security processesRead More

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Business automation is the alignment of business process management (BPM) and business rules management (BRM) with modern application development to meet changing market demands.Read More

Network and Systems Deployment

SPLIT offers a comprehensive range of Internet and network solutions and services spanning business applications and data analytics, enterprise networks and digital workspaces.Read More

Building and Automation

Access control systems hold a wealth of data about a building and the occupants – who is onsite, where they are, and even where they are likely to be going.Read More

Technology Consulting

When it comes to excellence in technology consulting, SPLIT delivers, with deep information technology expertise and extensive business insight that sets us apart from the rest. Companies turn to us when they need a reliable technology consulting resource that offers best-practice solutions to today’s biggest IT challenges. You won’t find a more responsible, dependable or trusted partner to advance your IT infrastructure for competitive advantage. With SPLIT Technologies, you get a team of qualified and certified IT professionals, including chartered/professional engineers, software engineers, Cyrber Security Experts, Web developers and Project Managers – all committed to putting their skills to work for you. Our technology consulting services are based in Nigeria, but our portfolio of success is global in scale. In fact, we counsel businesses around the globe on the most innovative IT tactics that yield excellent results. ‍

We believe that there are three principles that underpin any successful IT project: it must provide incremental value to the business, it must take you closer to your ultimate long-term destination and it must deliver a secure and supportable environment. We achieve this through our ‘Business First’ approach. We plan your project based on what you want to achieve and ensure we address the now while strategically understanding the bigger picture. Our experience of IT Service Management enables us to deliver solutions that will prove to be both reliable and supportable.

In 2009 we began a mission, this time to quantify our customer satisfaction record. We were already known throughout the technology sector as being an organization dedicated to success and satisfaction, and our first client-wide survey put a number to it. That year, an astounding 98% of our clients responded that they were likely to do business with us again. The industry-leading satisfaction rating still holds at the same rate today – even after doubling in size since then. What you’ll find at SPLIT is a dedication to your satisfaction in each of our practices, a robust partner network that extends our expertise, and a strong global team of exceptional talent that’s passionate and dedicated to your success from the top-down.

Whichever support model our clients choose, they remain in the driving seat while we become their IT conscience, monitoring performance, offering insight and bringing new ideas to the table. All of which helps to boost performance and ROI. As well as giving them access to a 95-strong team of experts, they also benefit from our continuous investment in super-fast, high capacity communications and a suite of ISO27001:2013-certified data centres with workspace recovery. We are experts in managed services, outsourcing, assisted onsite support, remote network monitoring, and managed help desk. If you are looking for an IT support model offering low capital outlay and predictable costs, access to high level expertise and with the flexibility to match your business strategy, talk to us about how we can take away the pain of IT management.

Support Policy

Our technicians have a rotating on-call policy to accommodate after-hours service

Live Support

SPLIT delivers dependability and handles issues 24/7[..]

Managed IT Delivery

SPLIT acts as the in-house IT department and manages all of your technology.

Quick Intervention

You don’t have to wonder if someone is taking care of your issue. Our ticketing system gives you an ongoing status and reports.

Why Choose Us?

SPLIT has earned its name in one of the most popular organizations offering its world class User Flow services to clients across the globe. With our unparalleled implementation procedure, we contribute significantly in enhancing the user experience. We specialize in meeting end user requirement, not compromising with the quality and user experience. With a seamless user flow of our design process, we ensure that user fully understands the ins and outs of the product, eliminating all utility barriers.

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