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Tech Tips for Your Information Technology Success

admin 19 May 5 Comments

Your information’s security is incredibly valuable to you and your company. So much that it may cost real dollars if you ignore this fact. To help with keeping your information secure, we have created a few quick tips to help you in your business and technology journey.

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Business Continuity – What is Disaster Recovery?

admin 20 July 5 Comments

Disaster Recovery can mean many things to different people. In the technology realm, it is the plan you need to have in place to be prepared for disaster, either human-induced or natural disaster. Disaster recovery is often overlooked for small- to mid-sized business, but the importance is paramount nonetheless. 3 things (at minimum) your Disaster recovery plan should cover.....!

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Ramsomware Virus: Deadly or Preventable

admin 12 August 40 Comments

The Ransomware virus is a software from Crypto virology. The goal of the virus is to encrypt data on a targeted system until the primary owner pays a ransom for their information back. Cyber- thieves and hackers often threaten to publish the victim’s data. There have been cases in which the thieves will permanently block access until they pay the desired amount....

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